Hanoverian Scenthound (HS)


Scenthound, tracking hound for wounded game.



Group 6 Scenthounds and related breeds.
Section 2 Scenthounds/Leash Hounds.
With working trial.



The Hanoverian Scenthound (Hannoverscher Schweisshund) has developed almost unchanged from the so called « liamhound » (leash hound) of the early Middle Ages.  The liam hound, from the breed section of the « Bracke », already played an extraordinary part at the time of the establishment of clan rights of the Germanic tribes (in about 500AD).
With the invention of firearms, the methods of hunting big game altered.  Dogs were needed to search for wounded game.  The  liam hound offered the best conditions for this and so he became a « Liam-Scenthound ».  Especially the Hanoverian hunting estate in the kingdom of Hannover developed this breed further and preserved the proven methods of handling these hounds. Since that time the breeding of these dogs has continued strictly with regard of their working ability, and the dogs are used exclusively in hunting grounds for big game as specialists in tracking cloven-hoof game



In general appearance the highly efficient Hanoverian Scenthound (Hannoverscher Schweisshund) is of medium size, well proportioned and powerful. Well set strongly muscled fore and hind limbs qualify him for tireless work. Too long legs, specially overbuilt forequarters, affect his work with nose to ground and are foreign to his type. The broad, deep chest provides ample room for the lungs and enables long, strenuous chases. The slightly wrinkled forehead and the clear dark eyes produce the serious expression typical of the breed. Also typical for the breed is the red primary colour of the coat which can vary from a pale fawn colour to a dark brindle, almost black appearing, colouring.



Calm and assured temperament. Sensitive with his handler, choosy and discerning with strangers. High capabilities of concentration in any tracking work with strong loyalty to the hunter in charge.
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