Training Hanoverian scenthound

We are members in a registered association. Purpose of this association is to assist the breeding, training and examination of Hanoverian scenthounds in order to get efficient and powerful hounds suitable for hunting. For no expertly hunting in accordance with animal welfare will be possible without suitable hounds.

The registered association offers trainings and instructions how to become a dog handler.

We offer the golden opportunity to exercise your newly bought Hanoverian scenthound in our big game territory, to lead your Hanoverian scenthound and to gain experience for the future scenthound examination.

Apart from retrieving the bag during the hunt we continuously train our dogs in finding artificial tracks in order to improve their training levels and performances.

You can trust our outstanding training abilities and expertise. Being a Hanoverian scenthound handler and a tenant for hunting I trained and successfully prepared my bitch KIRA for the exam myself.

You, your family and of course your Hanoverian scenthound are welcome to visit us at any time. You can also join the training sessions in trackfinding. If you are a licensed hunter you are welcome to attend a big game hunting on the raised hide.

Accomodations are available on request in the nearby holiday homes “Hubertus” and “Wisenta-Stau”.

There is an interesting and adventurous time waiting for you, your family and your hounds here. Please do not hesitate to contact us on .

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